Fire-retardant treatment of wood under vacuum pressure in an autoclave

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  1. Case: "deSingel" International Arts Campus Antwerp (fire-retardant treatment of wood in the autoclave + water-repellent treatment)
    Video deSingel International Arts Campus Antwerp 

An autoclave or pressure vessel is a device used to reduce the combustibility of wood by means of vacuum pressure (with our product BURNSTOP® IM-Wood). In other words, the wood is given a fire-retardant treatment. In addition, outdoor applications are possible by applying a final water-repellent coat to the wood. This allows for a 10 year warranty to be given on the fire-retardant properties!

Vacuum pressure applications

Wood and plate material in publicly accessible buildings have to conform to a fire safety class. In the past, the wood-derivative materials had to meet the national standardization per country (DIN, BS, NEN, M, A, etc.).

This has changed since the implementation of the new European standardization. The new EU norm on fire protection replaces the national norms.

We have treated the various wood types with BURNSTOP® IM-Wood and has had them tested according to the new EU norms. This has resulted in the EU norm 13501-1 class B-s2-d0 for Western Red Ceder, Fir, Azobé, Pinewood and Beech. This provides the architect/designer with a wide range of options as far as the application of wood as a building material is concerned. If the fire-retardant impregnated wood is to be applied in an outdoor environment, it has to be given a water-repellent finishing. In the case of an indoor application, this is not necessary.

Outdoor applications

If the wood is to be used in an outdoor environment our water-repellent product Pelicoat Pro Wood Plus is applied by our services in an industrial manner.